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Business & Company

We are professionals to help you with problems within your existing company as well as new companies/ businesses that are formed. We will give you full and best support with this new formation. ​Trusting our wide range of knowledge and skills we will help you with any business/company issues.

Assisting start up business


Thinking of starting a business may seem easy,but as accountants we help you face reality. We provide free support towards you and try to give you the best advice which will lead you and your new forming business towards success. 

We are ready to provide you an estimate financial statement of what your business will be like,taking into account your ideas and research about the business. 

Business plans can also be prepared for you with estimate financial reports,this will help give you an idea of how your business will work. 

At the start of the businesses accountants, we will give you steps on how to lead your new company towards success and provide you with step to step guides at the start.


Formation of Company

This may be a long process for you therefore as an accountant we are here to help you reach your wants and form a company for you. We make this process quick and simple for you. 

This process involves forming a new company and we complete all registration documents for you. We help you put your pieces together and have the company registered ready for you. 

This will involve:

-Name search

-Incorporation process

-Making changes to existing companies



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