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Payroll can be time consuming and difficult for the business.This process involves resources and energy to administrate payroll. It plays a big part in the business and its success. If you let us as an accountant engage your payroll we could lead you to be saving money... 

As a team we will lead to relieving you from the burden of payroll,We guarantee you a confidential payroll service.

We involve:

  • Summary and analysis of employee/staff costs and pays
  • Online submission's of P35 and P14'S to HMRC Custom's
  • Customized payslips
  • Secure and confidential information
  • Administration of PAYE,national insurance
  • Sick pay,maternity pay,holiday pay,bonuses etc.

Our cost effective professional payroll service involves:

-Gathering either weekly or monthly pay for all personnel 

-Calculating the pay,tax,NI and any other deductions

-Creation of payslips

-Arranging PAYE payments

-Creating P45'S P60's and others

-Making alterations to employee details and bank details etc.

-Dealing with problems and enquiries from the employee or business owner.

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