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Income Tax & VAT

Income Tax is a Tax on income. We shouldn’t forget that not all income is Taxable and only taxed on Taxable income. Certain allowances could also lead to changing the tax to be paid.

VAT (Value added Tax) is a tax that is charged on most goods and services that VAT- registered businesses provide in the UK.  This simply is the Tax on purchase price from the buyer’s perspective. It's also charged on goods and some services that are imported from countries outside the European Union (EU), and brought into the UK from other EU countries.

VAT is charged when a registered company sells to another business or to a non- business customer. VAT is usually included in the goods and services you come across.



Payroll is a company’s sum of employee financial wages, salaries, deductions, bonuses etc. This is the amount paid to the employees during certain period of time. The payroll process plays a big role in a company.


We as an accountant want to make sure that we provide the best and full support to you and your business.

We will help small and big businesses in many ways to benefit them the in the best way.Business advice will also involve explaining to you as a client the current state your business is in or will be in within the future. Estimations can be made about your business as an accountant and discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of the business.

Advise will be given about the ways to chage your business or current state of calculations and lead to the best position.


Accounts within accounting is preparing your calculations and analyse the status of the business.

As accurate accountant we are a friendly firm ready to help you with your business issues.

We are ready to meet your financial needs as an individual or business as Accurate Accountant. Offering accounts,taxation and support is an important issue we take seriously as an accountant.

Account may involve an existing business or a new,we are here to help all in the best possible way



As Accurate Accountant we provide a bookkeeping service. This process involves the recording of transactions within the business such as money in/out, receipts,invoices,sales etc. Keeping record of these financial accounts and figures will mean creating an image of the business and state it is in financially.

The success and profitability of the business ill also be outlined to you as an accountant. We are here to help with any questions or problems within calculations and bookkeeping process.

As an accountant we create reports of financial transactions and help for the success of your business.. 

Business & Company Issues

If you are considering to start-up a new business or company we as Accurate Accountant are here to help...

We are here as an accountant to deal with your questions and issues about the business. We will also arrange your financial calculations about the business and keep you updated about the status and position of your business.


Are you looking for an accountant to improve your profit & performance as a business?
We’re here to help...
We are an innovative company to help you and your business lead to success. We believe that an accountant having many aspects other than just calculations and outlining how well the business is doing. As a business we guarantee to provide our work up to the best possible standards. We provide a range of services and as a company are ready to help you and your business. Satisfying our clients is a major aspect that we believe in. Our Accounting & Taxation services provided will spare you with more time for your business.



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